We’re so sorry we’ve been gone, but fear not we are back with a vengeance!! Let’s just give you all a quick rundown of the MacBain world (we must stop leaving it so long)... Chloe has smashed out her third year at uni, with plenty of smashed nights and a fair few lamps along the... Continue Reading →

Reign It In

  So... If you're just as excited as we are for Season 8 of Game of Thrones you will be counting down the hours, stocking up on snacks and tying to remember the many moments we have been through as avid watchers of 7 seasons. 7 years of our lives dedicated to the hopeful death... Continue Reading →

Return of the macs… it is!

Hello again you crazy lot. Well it seems we are incredibly delayed to the new year but a little early to Easter so Happy New Year and Happy Easter to you all. Unfortunately we did take a time out after our launch to focus on university, new jobs and new relationships but we are back.... Continue Reading →

Elaborate Eastbourne

We continued our yearly tradition yesterday and set off to watch the air displays at Airbourne airshow in Eastbourne. This time the road trip was taken in Josh's Vauxhall Corsa "Blue" which is quite old fashioned and doesn't have the ability to connect your phone via bluetooth or aux. So we turned to the good... Continue Reading →

Alexa, I Love You…

If you don't have an Amazon echo dot in your home we definitely recommend you get one! As you may know by now nothing that is ours is ever normal... from lights that continuously flicker in our house (creepy right!) to Alexa deciding to talk to herself on multiple occasions. Alexa is the voice "helper"... Continue Reading →

A Dysfunctional Day Out

On this day we decided to purchase the Thorpe park annual pass and head to Chertsey for a day of thrills. Up bright and early (no we don't do mornings) and out the door barely saying a word to each other we set off in Abby's trusty vehicle. This same trusty vehicle had recently been... Continue Reading →

Monday Night Dinner…

We wonder if every family dinner is quite like ours or if it is very much like the movies where you sit around a dining table and talk about your day and who you currently dislike at work. On this particular evening we were given the rather daunting task of preparing the wedges. A task... Continue Reading →

An Un”Fur”Getable Night

So looking after dogs is most peoples dream job right? We thought so too, but it's definitely not as easy as we imagined. We did get endless love and cuddles for our efforts but we did lose almost an entire Dominos, chicken strips and wedges included!!! (yes our hearts broke too). Although they were kind enough... Continue Reading →

Game Of Names

We all know naming something in life can be incredibly difficult, and trust us coming up with this name was all but easy!! It needs to be something that pops so naturally we needed advice. Queue the incoming terrible ideas we had with our game of names. Phase one was asking our friends. Sat around... Continue Reading →

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